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Blue Advantage® How to Identify Members

Blue Advantage members have a Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Alabama identification (ID) card and should provide their ID card when requesting services. The “MA” in the suitcase indicates members covered under the Medicare Advantage Preferred Provider Organization network sharing program.

The front of the card includes:

The back of the card includes important addresses, telephone numbers, and claim filing instructions.

The three-character alpha prefix (MBG) at the beginning of a member’s identification number is the key element Blue Cross uses to identify and correctly route claims. It is critical for confirming a patient’s membership and coverage. To ensure accurate claims processing, it is critical that providers capture all ID card data. If the information is not captured correctly, providers may experience a delay in claims processing. Providers should make a copy of the front and back of the member's ID card, and provide the key information to their billing staff.

Click here to view a sample of the Blue Advantage ID card.

Please do not use the member's Social Security number or policy number to file claims.

Blue Advantage is a Medicare-approved PPO Plan.

Last Updated January 2014